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Love [のんだく日記]

Hello dear, My name is Ruth, i am 26yrs old, i'm a free minded,open hearted girl,i'm one of the few that still believes in friendship, love, trust and signs, am very much single and ready to mingle. i will like to be your friend if you don't mind, i hope you will not take my request for granted,feel free to email me, i will appreciate it if you can send me some pics to my private email,i look forward to hear from you soon.
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inquiry about your product [のんだく日記]

Hello? How are you,

please We're interested in your product,, can you please send us your catalogue & your conditions,

so that we can send Our Order to you thanks,

Thanks and Regards

Mr Jackson - CEO
Purchasing Manager
11 Kakit Bukit View
Unit #07-09
Singapore 138489
T +65 6908 0077
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Please Reply. [のんだく日記]

From: UBS Investment Bank (London)
1 Golden Lane, London.
EC 1Y 0RR, United Kingdom.
Gerald Johnson :Operations Manager,

Compliment of the season.
How are you doing today? I hope you're good. My Name is John Hunter,
the Operations Manager of UBS Investment Bank, London. One of our
accounts holding a balance of GBP7,549,250.00 has been dormant for
many years.Please I am asking for your partnership in re-profiling the
funds.First of all,I will like to assure you that this transaction is 100%
risk and trouble free to both parties.I solicit for your assistance to
execute this transaction.This transaction will be covered up by me with my
status here in the bank.If you are interested to know more, email me back
so we could discuss more about this great business opportunity.

Yours Sincerely,
John Hunter
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2018 Batch. [のんだく日記]


Belgrave House

76 Buckingham Palace Road

London SW1W 9TQ, United Kingdom.

We wish to congratulate you over your success in the official publication of results Of the E-mail electronic online sweepstake organized by Google. Google earns its profit mainly from advertising using their very own Gmail, Google Maps, Google Apps, You Tube video sharing.

This is to inform you that you are among the Ten lucky winners of Category A. A Winning cheque will be issued in your name by the Google Promotion Award Team.

You have therefore won the whole sum of 950,000.00 {Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds}

Jeffrey Dean - Google Senior Fellow (Program Administrator/Coordinator)

Email: jeffreydean[at]


(1) Your Residential Address/Private Email Address

(2) Your Tel/Fax Numbers

(3) Your Nationality/Country

(4) Your Full Name

(5) Occupation/Age/Gender

Note: Enclosed (Attached Document) to this email is a detailed information about this notification.


Sundar Pichai - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Google Inc[トレードマーク]

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2018-04-26T10:25:46.jpgDerrick McCourt
General Manager, Public/Online Sector U.K
E-mail: (

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